What to Expect at Drop Off

What to Expect at Drop Off You should enter the building in the back (by the old Lowes). There is a large garage door, try to pull up there. There will be a check in table. You check in there, verify your contact info, verify your work shifts, and choose your pre sale entry. You then proceed to bring your items to a check in table assigned to you. The volunteers will check all of your items. Have clothing items sorted by gender, size and type of clothing. (Please note that if your items are not sorted you will be asked to step aside and do so while we take the next appointment.) All large items and furniture need to be assembled prior to your drop off time or please allow time to set up on s

Pre Consignment Sale "Sweep"

Pre consignment sale “Sweep” Here are some places to find hidden treasures to help beef up your consignor check and clear clutter! Dress-Up Box: Check your dress up box. I know I always find stuff hidden away in there that no longer fits and can bring in some cash at the sale. I also seem to find random pieces of toys and games in there as well so it is a great place to check out! Video/Game Cabinets: My son is a gamer and quickly tires of a video game once he has mastered it. These are great items to put in the sale! Also, check out your DVDs while you are in here. Each sale I manage to find DVDs that we no longer need/want. Craft Supplies: I am a crafter, I love to craft. I recently


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