Commonly Overpriced Brands

There are many items that come to the sale that are current in style and in great condition but don’t sell. Overpricing can be one of the reasons it is left on the rack. Below are some of the more common brands that are overpriced and some suggestions of how to price these items. Wal-Mart’s store brand Garanimals and 365 Kids by Garanimals runs from $3.00 to $8.00 on average (dressy items and sets may retail for more). Our Suggestion: Bundle pieces within the size and style and/or price low, $2.00. Remember that a t-shirt or bodysuit and bottoms can be paired together as long as they are the same brand and size! We know everyone loves a Carter's set. The MSRP for Carter's is high but Cart

Shoe Prep

Here is a guide to help you determine if your item is appropriate for our Fall/Winter sale or our Spring/Summer sale: Fall/Winter Snow Boots Hiking boots Knee length boots Uggs/Bearpaw, etc. Lined Crocs Boots Sneakers Dress Shoes Rain Boots Flats Cleats Spring/Summer Sandals Keene sandals Teva sandals Open toe shoes Crocs Sneakers Dress Shoes Rain Boots Flats Cleats And while we are on the subject of shoes, take a minute to clean them! They sell so much better when you take a minute to clean them! We hope this helps! Happy Consigning! RIKC #shoes #sandals #rainboots #snowboots #Crocs #flats #Sneakers #cleats #hikingboots #Uggs

Bottle and Sippy Cup Prep

We do allow sippy cups and bottles to be sold at the sale. We ask that you remove all silicone and soft pieces to be removed from the bottle or sippy cup. Soft pieces can harbor bacteria and grow mold. Please discard all nipples unless they are new in package. We hope this helps! Happy Consigning! RIKC #bottles #sippycups #silicone #plastic #nipples #valves


Every sale we get questions regarding hangers. Here is the complete run down of what we require and why we require it. Everyone must use wire dry cleaner hangers. The reason that we require dry cleaner hangers is that they take up much less space on the racks and we need all the space we can get on those racks! The plastic and other metal hangers take up too much room and we wouldn’t be able to get all of the clothing out onto the floor! There is an exception- for adult clothing you may use plastic and other metal type hangers to hang your clothing. We have far less adult clothing and adult clothing can be too heavy for wire hangers. In fact, for pants and skirts we recommend using pant


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