Tags- What does it all mean?

Every sale we get at least a handful of consignors who ask me about tags and what the different elements of the tags mean. Those of us who are OGs sometimes forget how confusing this whole process can be to a new consignor because we have been doing this for so long. Personally, this is my 9th sale consigning and 17th sale shopping. We actually turn 10 during the Spring 2020 sale. How crazy is that?! But I digress. Since I have been doing this for what seems like forever, I don't really put that much thought into what is on a tag other than my description, and even then... yeah... I was a slacker last sale. Do not be me people! Pants is not an acceptable description! Again... I digress. Belo

Tags - How to Write an Effective Description

The descriptions you put on your tags are incredibly important. If your tag become separated from your item, it is your description that will make all of the difference in reuniting them. We CANNOT sell your item if it doesn’t have a tag! Here is what you need to know about tags: Correct Size: Make sure you have the correct size on your tag. This is one of the criteria that helps us match your item with a missing tag. The first thing on your tag should be the brand name. When we are looking up a tag this is the first thing we type to help narrow our search. DESCRIPTION: Just putting “jeans” is not very helpful when we are sorting through 65,000 items. Skinny jeans, boot cut, blue, bla

Rock 'n Play - Recall

As most in the parenting community have no doubt heard by now, Fisher-Price in conjunction with the CPSC have issued a recall regarding the super popular Rock 'n Play. According to the CPSC's website the recall has been issued due to reports of infant deaths caused by unrestrained infants rolling over and suffocating to death. As of the writing of this post, the CPSC has 32 reported incidents linked to FP's product. All 32 tragic deaths occurred in infants older than 3 months who were unrestrained in the product. While there is no age recommendation on the product, the FP website advises, "Use only with an infant unable to roll over or pull up on sides, whichever comes first." Due to the rec

Which size is the right size?

I know it sounds like a silly question, but we do often receive questions about infant clothes and juniors clothes sizing. Why? because different brands use different tags which can be misleading or confusing. In our system, we have 5 options for infants clothing (6 if you count premie): 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m and 18-24m. Most major brands fall within those established sizes. Every once in a while you do get an oddball 0-6m or OS (one size) item which would require your best guesstimate as far as the size category goes. The retail brand Carter's is the brand that confuses people most frequently because they use only one number for their sizing. A bodysuit by Carter's will say 3m on the ta


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