July 31, 2017

The difference between dance, princess and costumes

And when can I consign them?

Many of our consignors find the dance and costume category a little tricky.  Dance costumes are the costumes that you purchase for your little darlings to wear for 5 minutes at a dance recit...

July 24, 2017

Each sale we get questions about coats and when each type of coat can be consigned.  Here is a run down….

Fall/Winter                             Spring/Summer

Down Coats...

June 27, 2017


As part of our efforts to make things more streamlined for our consignors and shoppers we have now added our blog to our website!  

We have announced our Fall/Winter 2017 Sale dates!

September 28 - October 1

Wide World of Indoor Sports South

1610 Davisville Rd

North K...

April 2, 2017

Prepping at home:

Sort clothing by gender and size. Zip tie, bag, elastic band, or tie a ribbon around each size.

Make sure all of your toys work.  They need fresh batteries.  If you can’t make them work at home do not bring them to the sale.

Sort all of your books i...

March 26, 2017

What to Expect at Drop Off

You should enter the building in the back (by the old Lowes). There is a large garage door, try to pull up there. There will be a check in table. You check in there, verify your contact info, verify your work shifts, and choose your pre sale e...

March 19, 2017

Pre consignment sale “Sweep”

Here are some places to find hidden treasures to help beef up your consignor check and clear clutter!

Dress-Up Box: Check your dress up box.  I know I always find stuff hidden away in there that no longer fits and can bring in some cash at th...

February 24, 2017

So you have inspected your clothing for the sale and you noticed a bunch of stains.  WHOMP, WHOMP. Instead of tossing them, give them one more shot with miracle cleaner!

Pink Polka Dot Creations combines 1 part blue Dawn with 2 parts Peroxide for her Miracle Cleaner.


February 19, 2017

How to Make Sets 

(and increase your bottom line!)

There are many tricks seasoned consignors have in their bag, making sets is just one of them. Making sets helps with your hanger limits and also helps increase the size of your consignor check!

Infant items should be made...

February 15, 2017

First step in the process!

Get your bins and put them on hangers.  While you are hanging your items INSPECT them for rips, stains, and tears.  Anything that is not sellable toss into a donate bin so you don’t spend any further time on them.  When you put them on the han...

February 12, 2017

There are many different ways to organize, hang, tag, and sort. Here is one method that may be helpful.

First step in the process:

Get your bins and put them on hangers.  While you are hanging your items INSPECT them for rips, stains, and tears.  Anything that is not se...