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Consign with Us

Do you love our Earth friendly approach to fashion? Do you have juniors or adult sized pieces in excellent condition that you would like to pass on to the next savvy Earth and budget conscious human? We can help you with that. Here at ReStyled RI, we have two options for you.

  1. If you would like us to help you sell your items, we provide the platform and buyers, and you provide the pieces. These pieces will be placed with us on consignment. That means that we, as the facilitator of the sale, retain a percentage of sale price of your item in exchange for our services. We photograph, list, sell and ship the item and you receive 40-80% of the selling price, depending on the item category and length of time it takes to sell.

  2. If you want to offload your items and want an immediate payout, you can sell your items to us! We don't buy everything as we try to keep our inventory fresh, relevant and on-trend while still saving the Earth, but if you have some cute things and want see if you can get a few bucks before donating (or throwing away!!) them, give us a shout!

Pop-up Events

You probably found us through our sister company, RI Kids Consignment, which is known for it's seasonal pop-up events. When Restyled came in to being in 2013, we started as a mini pop-up, like RIKC, then, we integrated Restyled in to the main event with RIKC. As RIKC grew, so did the interest in adult and teen clothing styles that are on trend and sold at a stellar price, cue the reemergence of ReStyled RI. As the interest in consigning and purchasing adult and teen clothing grew, we began to see that Restyled was outgrowing the small amount of floor-space allotted to us at the main sale. As we shift focus and separate out our teen and adult items over to Restyled, it may be a little while until we are ready to host a pop-up of our own. Since we are housed in the Pawtucket Armory Arts Center, we have options for smaller spaces to host mini pop-ups, and we are excited to work towards our goal of hosting pop-ups soon!

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