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Any Returning Consignor can utilize drive thru drop off!  

Here are the details:


  • You take all of your items to your drop off appointment.  

  • You unload your items.  

  • You go home.  


Seriously.  That is it!  


  • You cannot be a first time consignor.  We need our first time consignors to go through the entire drop off process so we can provide assistance and answer questions. You must have 2 in-person sales under your belt before requesting Drive Thru Drop Off.


  • You MUST DONATE ALL!!!!  You cannot donate some of your items or most of your items, you have to DONATE ALL.

  • Your items must be prepped and ready to go out on the floor. If you are a regular consignor, everything must be sorted by size and hanger limits still apply.

  • Understand that if an item is pulled for being unacceptable for any reason (including seasonality), it will donated, not returned to you.


  • The times that we allow drive thru drop off are:

    • Sunday evening

    • Monday all drop off appointments

    • Tuesday drop off appointments until 2

    • Friday all drop off appointments until 3

     **All drop offs after 2PM on Tuesday and 3PM on Friday will be regular inspected drop offs even if you choose to donate all.

     **If you are utilizing Drive Thru Drop Off, please make sure that you register for the drop off slot that is designated 'Drive Thru Drop Off'.

  • We recommend that you leave your items with us in cardboard boxes as we cannot guarantee that totes will stay with their lids and/or stay where we put them.


If you would like to use our Drive Thru service please fill out our Google form so that we can plan accordingly!


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