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What do you need?


Wire Hangers



Safety Pins

Hangers need to look like a ? when you hold it. They MUST be wire! They can be cheap wire hangers, nice wire hangers, those lovely velvet hangers with the wire top, the hangers with the cardboard tube and wire top, plastic hangers from Kohls that have the WIRE TOP. The part that hangs on the rack NEEDS TO BE WIRE. Did I mention you need to use wire hangers? Yes, you need wire hangers. 

If you do not have an abundance of wire hangers kicking around your house, you can contact us to order some, or check with your local dry cleaners, sometimes they just hand them out. But from here on out, you save every wire hanger you come across. It helps to bundle them in groups of 25 or so to keep them from getting tangled. You can do this with a twist tie, elastic band or zip-tie. Once they are grouped, hang them up somewhere and you are ready for the next sale.


Here we can see a properly hung little dress. The wire hanger looks like a ? when hung on the rack and the item is hung so that the front faces out. Any singular item should be hung this way. All fasteners (buttons, zippers, snaps, etc) need to be done up once the item is on the hanger. Not only does that look nicer, but it also helps keep the item on the hanger. Your item will not sell if it's on the ground.

Here is an example of a set. The jacket is hung on the hanger and zipped up in the front. To hang the pants, you turn the item around as shown here and use safety pins to secure the pants to the hanger, behind the shirt. The pants remain outside of the shirt with the pins on the hanger inside the neckline of the shirt. Pins should always go through a seam to ensure that there is minimal damage to the garment.

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