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Start Here

First things first...

What are you going to be selling?!

Gather up all of the items you are wanting to part with and start with step one: Item Prep

Step Three: Enter your items into the database. 

Be sure to use basic and easy to understand descriptions for your items. If the tag and item get separated, we search the database to try and reunite (and sell) your goodies.

Everything prepped? Great! 

Now it is time to Sort your items.

     *Clothes and shoes get sorted         by gender and size.

     *Toys, books, etc, are sorted by       category.

Step Four: Big box time... step number four is to hang, bag, box, zip tie, etc. your items. All clothes, regardless of size, need to be hung individually on wire hangers and attached securely with safety pins when needed. Toys that are a part of a set should be bagged using large plastic storage bags. Anything that has smaller parts should have the parts bagged and attached to the main item/toy using a zip tie. Shoes should be zip-tied together and blue painters tape with your consignor number should be used on the soles. Boxes should be secured with blue painters tape so as to not damage the box.

Nearly there! Last thing is to Tag   your items. Tags must be printed through the site on white card stock. Tags can be attached to items with safety pins, a tagging gun and plastic barbs, tape or zip-ties.

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