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Hello RI Kids Consignment Sale friends and family! 

We know that we have been a little hush hush since Spring, but it's been for some good reasons. We have had a lot of thinking going on behind the scenes here at RIKC Headquarters and after some very long, long nights and much back and forth, we are excited to announce that RIKC will be joining the Be Green consignment family beginning in 2024! 

It has been an amazing run but it is time for someone else to pick up the reins and take RIKC in to the future. RIKC will be in good hands with Be Green. 

We WILL be having a fall sale, November 9-11, 2023 at the West Warwick Civic Center.

This sale will be managed and run by the RIKC team that you know and love, but registration and ticket sales will look a little different, as we will be using Alison’s preferred vendors for that. Fear not consignors! We use the same inventory system! (We have done that on purpose for years.... shhhhhh...) We will show you how to transfer inventory from one sale to the other, you get to keep your consignor number, your tags and your prep. This transfer will be as painless and seamless as possible for all involved. Alison and her team know their stuff!

Please check our Facebook page for updates regarding shopping times, presale passes and more. 

Register here: 

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