How to Consign with

RI Kids Consignment

1. Register

click HERE to register.

Supplies Needed


Safety Pins 

White Cardstock

Zip ties

Packing tape

Zip lock bags

4. Price & Tag

Use our online website to enter and price you items.  Enter all of your inventory and print your tags.

5. Drop off & Pick up

Make a drop off appointment and bring your items to the sale.  After the sale concludes pick up the items did not sell.  Receive your sale proceeds within 14 days after the sale ends.

Our consignors retain 60% of their earnings. Want more money? Consider applying to work with our sale for the week!

2. Gather Your Items

Clean out your closets for outgrown shoes, clothing and accessories.  Raid the toy room for abandoned and unwanted toys.  Check out the garage for sports equipment.  Check out the yard for large outdoor items.

3. Prepare Your Items

Wash your items and hang them on a wire hanger.  Organize your clothing by gender and size.  Wipe down all toys and put fresh batteries in them

*our blog has lots of information on how to prepare items for the sale.


Rhode Island, USA

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