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Item Prep

If you are anything like me, you toss things that are too small or no longer played with in to bins throughout the year and come sale time, you forget what you even have to sell! The first step in getting ready to consign is prepping your items for sale. Drag out the bins and boxes, go through your kid's dressers and closets, sort through those toy boxes and decide what you are ready and willing to part with. Now, just because you are ready to part with something doesn't mean that you are able to sell it! Make sure you check the FAQ's for prohibited items and check the CPSC website to make sure that there are no recalls, particularly when it comes to toys and 'safety' items.


  • Make sure that you launder all clothes to ensure that they are free of stains and odors

  • Spots and stains will get an item rejected.

    • Check for them under different lighting and treat them when discovered.

    • Check and double check around the neckline of bodysuits for formula or milk stains! These can be stubborn stains to see and to treat

    • If there are stains or condition issues (pilling, pulls, excessive wear, etc.) consider donating your items to a local non-profit or fabric recycling center.

  • Make sure that clothes are seasonally appropriate and sets have all pieces

  • All children's clothing with drawstrings must have the drawstring permanently affixed to the clothing item in order to be sold. Please see this webpage for more information


  • Check for condition issue and excessive wear on soles and toes

  • Magic Erasers are great for getting stains and marks off of soles

  • Ensure that shoes are seasonally appropriate

  • Sport and dance shoes have their own categories, but should be prepped with the same level of care



  • Make sure first and foremost that they work. 

    • If the item requires batteries, make sure that it has fresh batteries. You are responsible for making sure that your battery powered toys function. ​

    • If the item has a remote or power cord, please make sure that it is included. You can zip-tie or bag and zip-tie these things to the item to ensure that they do not get lost. 

  • Anything that has parts or pieces like games or puzzles must have all their pieces. Please make sure that you count and then count again to ensure that everything is there. ​

    • If you have a bag of miscellaneous ​pieces, like Legos, train tracks, cars, etc. and you are not 100% positive that all of the bits and bobs are there, you MUST indicate this on your tag when you enter the item. For example: Misc. Lincoln Logs NOT A SET.

  • Please make sure that all toys have been cleaned and are priced according to condition. 

  • It is recommended that all toys be liberally sprayed with disinfectant (Lysol, etc.)


 Large Items

  • A large item is anything that you would not want to walk around the venue with. Typically anything larger than say, a piece of carry-on luggage, would be considered a large item.

  • Large Items have their own tag that is printed from our inventory system. This tag should be secured to the item with a zip-tie or copious amounts of tape.

    • The top portion of the tag remains with the item and the lower is taken by the buyer to the checkout.​\​

  • Outdoor items like bikes, ride-ons and playhouses or climbers should be cleaned thoroughly. ​

    • We will not accept any outdoor toy that has water in it.

      • Pro Tip: use a drill to put some holes in the base so that water can drain out. If it's stinky, vinegar and water go a long way in helping get rid of that mildew smell.

  • Strollers should be free of smells, stains, crumbs, mold, etc. They also must have all straps and accessories. Parts can be obtained from the manufacturer for very little to no cost.

  • All highchairs (and Bumbos!) must have functioning safety restraints

  • All large items will need to be set up at check-in to ensure functionality and condition. Keep this in mind when dissembling things.

  • Furniture is welcome, but see above. You are going to have to take it apart and put it together on your own. There is also a form that can be found here that you should print and bring with you. 

    • Furniture cannot be donated​

  • Infant Items such as swings, bouncy chairs, walkers, etc. must be clean, have all parts and function. If the item is supposed to vibrate, light up, or make noise, make sure it does.

    • Pro Tip: even though some of these thing may have 'optional' battery power, make sure you have batteries in them. It helps at drop off and it helps you sell it!

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