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RIKC Online Pop-up  Information

for Sellers

Our online Pop-ups run very similarly to our in-person Pop-ups. If you have consigned with us before, then you will be very familiar with the process:

  • Register

  • Prep and Enter Items in to MyCM database

    • Photographs of each item entered into the database will be required​

  • We take over from here and virtually gather together your items to be listed for sale on our website where hundred of shoppers will be waiting to snag your items ​

  • At the conclusion of the sale, you will drop off ONLY the items that have SOLD.

  • We inspect your items at drop-off and the buyer will be able to inspect at pick-up.

  • After everything has been picked up or shipped, you get paid. 

    • The compensation for consignors is 55%​

That's it. It is super simple. You get all the benefits of selling online, but unlike Marketplace or Craigslist, or even Poshmark and Mercari, the target market is ready and waiting! You do not have to ship. You do not have to have strangers come to your home. You do not have to worry about haggling, not getting paid or chargebacks. And unlike our in-person pop-ups, you do not have to touch your items more times that needed. After you photograph your items, you can tuck them back into their bin and only have to bring them back out if they sell! Inventory is transferrable between not only our in-person and online events, but also between other sales in our area!

Please click here to access the list of acceptable items for our Holiday sale

If you are interested in selling items online with us year round, reach out to us via email, or text/call our office at 401.250.5439!

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