RIKC Virtual Pop-up Event Information

for Sellers

Thank you for taking the plunge with us into these uncharted waters! This is going to be different from what we are used to, but if we work together and afford each other a LOT of grace, we can rock this!

First things first... In order to sell with us, you are going to need to be a registered consignor. If you have never participated in one of our in person events or you have not created an account through our new database provided, please pop on over to www.myconsignmentmanager.com/rikidsconsignment and register. 

Next.... you will enter all items you plan on selling in to MyCM so that you can accurately track your inventory, what sells, what doesn't, etc. For this sale, we will be allowing (and encouraging) lots of items, two or more outfits, a few tees or pairs of pants, etc. They MUST be the same size and we highly encourage the same brand, particularly with the infant sizes. The suggested minimum price point for lots will be $5.00. Right now we are not looking for adult items, just kids. For lots/groups of items, you will still be entering and pricing each part in to MyCM individually as if you were planning on bringing it to our in person event. Once each individual item is entered, you will be able to follow up with lots.

EXAMPLE: I have three little outfits to sell. I would enter each one in to MyCM. I end up with item numbers 12, 13, 14. When I submit them to be part of the online sale, I would use my consignor number: PS2092, lot number 12-14. If this lot sells, I would then go in to my MyCM account and mark those items off of my inventory as being sold. However, if the lot does not sell, you would go in and remove the lot listing while retaining the individual items for the next in person event.

You will also be submitting photographs of these items. Photos from your phone are absolutely fine, but please make sure that you submit photos that highlight the item(s), are well lit and shot on a neutral background. You do not need anything fancy. Toss a neutral blanket on your bed or clear off a spot on the floor and snap away. The photos will be what 'sells' the items! For large items like outdoor toys, strollers, etc, please make sure they are clean and snap pics showing all sides of the item being sure to highlight any flaws. For a bag of toys or multi-piece lot, please photograph them prior to bagging them up.

Lots will need to be bagged and labeled. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We are recommending either larger freezer/storage bags that are clear, so all pieces can be quickly inspected and handed off to the proper buyer. If you have plastic grocery bags (this is Rhode Island, we all have the bag of bags) and prefer to use those, that's fine. Please staple your tag to the bag, but do not double knot it so we can inspect/verify what you have.


This virtual sale will be hosted over the course of a few days on our website. At the conclusion of this sale, we will notify you of what has sold. You will celebrate. We will then host a two or three day process of drop off and pick up. On day one, you will drop off your SOLD items to us at our office in Pawtucket labeled clearly with your consignor number and the item/lot number. Once we have your sold items, we will be pulling orders for the customers who have purchased them. On day two, we will have pick-up appointments for curbside pickup of purchases. Shoppers will be able to inspect their purchases prior to leaving with them, and will sign off on them before they leave. Provided everything is kosher, they will take their goodies, and then you will be paid within 7-10 days. The compensation for this sale will be 70% of the sale price.

We are aiming for at least 1,000 listings for this initial virtual hybrid sale. If all goes well, we are hoping to be able to host additional 'off-season' virtual sales, or at the very least, have a system in place should COVID-19 restrictions remain in place for the fall.


I am sure that there is more I am forgetting, but that's the plan right now. There are a few other sales in other areas of the country that have successfully run events like this. Our shoppers are interested and excited. Let's rock this y'all.


Rhode Island, USA

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