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How to Make Sets (and increase your bottom line)

How to Make Sets

(and increase your bottom line!)

There are many tricks seasoned consignors have in their bag, making sets is just one of them. Making sets helps with your hanger limits and also helps increase the size of your consignor check!

Infant items should be made into outfits whenever possible. Shoppers love a bundle at a good price. Carter’s tends to sell in sets so be sure to resell that way. Also, Gymboree loves to sell coordinated outfits.

RI Kids Consignment requires that you have the same size and brand to make a set. 24 months and 2T are not the same size. Also, Carter’s, Just one You, and Just One Year are not the same brand. You need to match Carter’s with Carter’s and Just One You with Just One You. We allow up to three items on a hanger.

  • Pjs with a shirt and with shorts and pants are okay.

  • A dress that has a onesie and a sweater is okay.

  • Pants with a shirt and a hoodie are okay.

You can add accessories to these outfits such as tights, bowties and hair accessories as long as they are the same brand and coordinate with the outfit.

Make sure each piece on the hanger can be seen easily when hanging. Everything should be securely and neatly attached to the hanger. Loose items such as accessories should be placed in a plastic zip bag and taped closed. The bag needs to be attached to the hanger with your consignor number and item number written on it.

There are other items that are popular with shoppers when sold as groups.

  • When making sets of books keep like themes together. Board books about nature, or animals can be sold as a set. Easy readers should be sold by level (1,2,3,4) and topic if possible. If there is a series, sell the series together.

  • Sets of puzzles also do well. Be sure to once again have a common theme. Saran wrap the puzzles together so pieces don’t get lost.

  • Bags of small toys sell well. Group sets of cars, action figures, legos, or other small toys in zip-top bags. Seal the bag shut with packing tape and put the tag on the outside of the bag and tape it firmly. Also write your consignor number and item number on the bag in case the tag gets separated from the bag.

Be sure to check out our Youtube channel for additional tips!

Happy Consigning!


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