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Super Spectacular Price Guide!

Pricing is the number one thing that affects how your items sell on the sales floor. It is the most important part of your tagging process.

Here are some simple pricing guidelines based on type of clothing:

Charge less for casual clothing (leggings, plain long sleeve tees, etc) , clothing in good condition, and infant clothing (under 2T) older toys.

Charge the top of the price range more for items new with tags, excellent condition clothing, hot item toys, items with manuals. Larger sizes and dressy items (dresses, nice tops and bottoms) can also command the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

Here is an example: The children’s place button up oxford shirt, 4T, excellent condition. Start at $3.00. Add $1 for being a larger size (not infant). Add .50 for being in excellent condition. You end up with a price of $4.50.

Let’s say you have the same TCP shirt but it is 6-12 months and it is in good condition. You start at $3 and you don’t add anything because it is a smaller size and it is only in good condition.

Take the emotion out of pricing. Adding emotional value to your pricing does not equal sales. If you are torn about selling something you are sentimental about, DO NOT SELL IT! You must take the emotion out of selling to price it properly.

GOLDEN RULE OF PRICING: When In Doubt, Go Low! If you want your items to move, price low!

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