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Pre Consignment Sale "Sweep"

Pre consignment sale “Sweep”

Here are some places to find hidden treasures to help beef up your consignor check and clear clutter!

Dress-Up Box: Check your dress up box. I know I always find stuff hidden away in there that no longer fits and can bring in some cash at the sale. I also seem to find random pieces of toys and games in there as well so it is a great place to check out!

Video/Game Cabinets: My son is a gamer and quickly tires of a video game once he has mastered it. These are great items to put in the sale! Also, check out your DVDs while you are in here. Each sale I manage to find DVDs that we no longer need/want.

Craft Supplies: I am a crafter, I love to craft. I recently went through my craft supplies and realized that I have way more than I need and certainly many items that I will just never use. I put it all together in bags and sell as a lot. I put stickers together, papers together, glue together, etc and price them to sell. These are treasures for other crafters and homeschoolers!

Kitchen Cabinets: If you make your own baby food, the supplies you need to make it are great sellers! Bullets, storage containers, etc. sell well! Children’s dishes and cups and placemats and cutlery are also sellable. If you’re selling sippy cups take the silicone valve out. Bottles sell well but again- you need to take the silicone valve out. You may also find breast milk storage containers and bags in your cabinets!

Linen closet/bathroom: You can consign Infant’s/ kids towels towels, crib sheets, stools, potty chairs, bath tubs, and bath seats. You cannot consign bath toys because they tend to grow mold.

The Garage: Bikes, scooters, skateboards, helmets, recreational and sporting equiptment can be found here. Make sure you check this area out for some extra money in your check!!!!

Backyard: This is the motherload!!! Outdoor toys are the hottest items and the most in demand at the sale! Sandboxes, water tables, slides, kids’ picnic tables, swings, climbers, and playhouses are huge sellers! If you’ve got ‘em, sell ‘em!!!

Happy Consigning!


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