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Every sale we get questions regarding hangers. Here is the complete run down of what we require and why we require it.

Everyone must use wire dry cleaner hangers. The reason that we require dry cleaner hangers is that they take up much less space on the racks and we need all the space we can get on those racks! The plastic and other metal hangers take up too much room and we wouldn’t be able to get all of the clothing out onto the floor!

There is an exception- for adult clothing you may use plastic and other metal type hangers to hang your clothing. We have far less adult clothing and adult clothing can be too heavy for wire hangers. In fact, for pants and skirts we recommend using pant hangers and not pinning your pants and skirts to a hanger.

All hangers must face the same way to make shopping easier. We ask that all of the hangers make the shape of a question mark.

We hope you find this helpful!

Happy Consigning!!!


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