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Commonly Overpriced Brands

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

There are many items that come to the sale that are current in style and in great condition but don’t sell. Overpricing can be one of the reasons it is left on the rack. Below are some of the more common brands that are overpriced and some suggestions of how to price these items.

Wal-Mart’s store brand Garanimals and 365 Kids by Garanimals runs from $3.00 to $8.00 on average (dressy items and sets may retail for more). Our Suggestion: Bundle pieces within the size and style and/or price low, $2.00. Remember that a t-shirt or bodysuit and bottoms can be paired together as long as they are the same brand and size!

We know everyone loves a Carter's set. The MSRP for Carter's is high but Carter’s stores and outlets frequently have storewide sales with up to 40% or more off the retail prices on inventory. There are also Carter's brands available at discount store like Wal-Mart and Target (Just One You, Just One Year) that are priced much lower than in Carter’s retail stores. Consignment sale shoppers are savvy and they have a hard time paying high prices for items they know you purchased at a steep discount. Even if you paid full price for an outfit, price it the same as a basic brands, especially if you are looking at a JOY or COM by Carter's item or set.

Cat & Jack has replaced Circo as Target's store brand. They make great quality clothing at a fantastic price. People like to stock up on these basics, especially when they go on sale. Even though prices did go up a little when Target made the switch, you are going to want to keep prices low on this brand given the great price to being with and the sale price that can't be beat. Keep the prices for the older Circo brand things around $2.00 - $3.50. For Cat & Jack, particularly pants, keep in the $3.00 - $4.00, lower if you want to get it out of the house or it is in 'play' condition.

Old Navy frequently runs great sales on their children’s clothing, plus the clearance racks are full of bargains at the end of the season. For these two reasons, budget-conscious shoppers often pass over consigned Old Navy clothing if it’s priced too high. They watch the sales papers and will avoid paying too much for jeans, shirts or jackets that can be purchased brand-new for just a little bit more money. Stick to the $3- $6 range on this brand to keep from storing it until next year’s sale.

People love Pottery Barn items, they just don't want to pay a bundle for them, especially at a consignment sale. Despite the fact that PBK doesn't run frequent sales or offer steep discounts, their items do not follow the usual room decor and furnishings does not follow the usual 30%-50% rule of higher end brands. People want an amazing bargain with PBK so we suggest you stay in the 20% – 25% range or less if you don't want to store it for the next sale.

We love a Janie and Jack set! Their clothing is absolutely adorable and classic. It is also a bit on the pricey side. For reasons we do not understand, it does not resell well. This combined with the fact that it is a mall brand and not a boutique brand, we suggest you use 40% of retail for like new and excellent used condition items. We also suggest keeping items under $10 to better sell your items.

Happy Consigning!


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