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To Donate or Not to Donate, that is the question.

I have always been a non donate girl. I brought all of my items to the sale with wide eyed enthusiasm that everyone would want all of my things. Turns out, all off the people did not want all of my things. So inevitably I would have to go back to the sale and gather my sad, unwanted items and schlep them home. And then I would bring them back to the next sale with the same enthusiasm only to have to schlep items back to my house, unload them, store them and bring them back to the next sale. *sigh*

No more. I am pricing my items to sell and if they don't I am not bringing them home with me with the hope that they will sell next sale. I am donating them. For me, I would rather have a foster child enjoy my unwanted items instead of taking the time to go back to the sale, pick my unsold items up and store them for 6 months. I want to be free of these items.

Here are the benefits of DONATING ALL:

*Drive thru drop off- bring all of your items into the building and leave. You don't have to stay for the whole check in process and having your items examined. As long as you have consigned for one sale you can just drop your items and go!

*You don't have to pick up your items at the end of the sale and go through the pick up process. There is nothing for you to pick up since you are donating everything!

*An itemized list of all the items you donated which is handy at tax time!

*Knowing that your items are going to a foster child that would love to have cute, seasonally appropriate clothing to wear and fun new toys, books, etc. It also helps the foster parents that care for these children receive necessary items (bottles, clothing, etc.).

Just my thoughts as I go into my 16th sale (how is that possible?).

Happy Consigning!


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