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Ah, summer! The most glorious of seasons! The weather is warm, the sun shines bright, the kids are out of school...

Wait, what?

Yeah... the school year is almost over. Hard to believe it, but it is true! My oldest is done on June 19 this year. I am not sure whether I should be counting down with exclamations, hearts and balloons (after all, I love my princess) or with dread (she is a tween -_- ). I can see it now... my boys, 2 and 3, will want to play with their sissy and she will be having none of that, after all, Minecraft is LYFE when you are a tween.

But I digress.

What does summer mean for those of us in the consignment world?

Summer gives us the chance to be able to go through our kids' fall and winter clothes as we pack them up when we

change wardrobes for the season. You can weed through shoes and last year's summer clothes that are, of course, too small and set them aside for the spring sale. If you are super ambitious, you can wash, prep and hang your clothes and enter them in the database to get a jump on the fall. The summer sun is great for helping get those stains out of whites. As the kids start tossing aside their toys, sneak them away and hide them in a tote for the next sale. Get the power washer out and hose down those outdoor toys that the kids aren't playing with any more.

Most importantly summer is for enjoying life, kicking back

when you can and soaking up the sun. Me? I hope to make it to the beach at least once, lay in the grass that almost always needs to be mowed, and ya know... maybe wash some stuff and get it in bins. :-)

Cheers lovelies!

Sarah Kate


Drop-off/Pick-up Lead

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