Preparing to Sell Online

Online selling is probably a whole new world for many of our sellers. While there is some additional prep required, such as taking pictures, there are also some things that can go by the wayside, like hangers. We want our consignors to sell everything they list for sale, and the two keys to that are 1.) pricing, and 2.) photos.

Pricing is always the biggest motivator or selling point. Whether you are placing items for sale online or selling them at one of our in-person sales, our shoppers are looking for deals. We always instruct our consignors to keep this in mind when pricing their items, but it is even more important going in to this online sale. You, as a seller, are going to have to determine if listing ten $2.50 items is worth the effort, or if it would be a better use of time and energy to list three bundles of 3 or 4 items priced at $5.00 or $6.00. **We are recommending for this initial sale that our consignors opt to bundle when at all possible.** There is a value to your time, and there is not much time between now and the online sale!

For online selling, after pricing, photos are what sell an item. No one is expecting that you will run out and purchase a lightbox, soft-boxes and fancy backdrops for a semi-annual sale. It is very easy to take great photos at home with just your phone and some natural lighting from a window or door or even a couple of table lamps moved to the floor. The most important things to remember are: lighting, background and focus. You are going to want to photograph your item(s) on a neutral background. If you don't have something suitable, consider using a clean blanket or sheet! Make sure that you focus on the item(s) for sale. You want the item to fill the frame of the photo. If you are selling a lot of toys, books, clothes, etc. that will be bagged up, take the photo prior to bagging so that shoppers actually can see what they are purchasing. A photo of a bag of cars looks just like the next photo of a bag of cars. Be as transparent as possible with your photos and descriptions.

Here you can see a real life example of the setup in our office. The background is our wall, which is white painted brick. The flooring has not been installed yet, so we used the leaf from our table as a neutral flooring type background for photography purposes.

Clearly this is nothing fancy, but as you will see, it gets the job done.

This is a set of Lalaloopsy dolls that one of our consignors will be offering for sale. They have done the correct thing in preparing the item for sale; the toys are clean, all parts are there, they are bagged and tagged. The only ‘problem’ is that we cannot see everything included, and it’s not a very appealing picture.

Here are those same toys. In this case, they have been laid out so you can see what you are buying. It’s a much more appealing photo.

There is a great basic guide at Wiki How regarding photographing items for sale. Take a minute to review it and then get to adding items!

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