Rock 'n Play - Recall

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

As most in the parenting community have no doubt heard by now, Fisher-Price in conjunction with the CPSC have issued a recall regarding the super popular Rock 'n Play.

Fisher Price Rock 'n Play

According to the CPSC's website the recall has been issued due to reports of infant deaths caused by unrestrained infants rolling over and suffocating to death. As of the writing of this post, the CPSC has 32 reported incidents linked to FP's product. All 32 tragic deaths occurred in infants older than 3 months who were unrestrained in the product. While there is no age recommendation on the product, the FP website advises, "Use only with an infant unable to roll over or pull up on sides, whichever comes first."

Due to the recall issued by FP, RIKC will no longer be accepting Rock 'n Plays as of the Spring 2019 sale. FP recommends that consumers, "discontinue use of the item immediately. Please follow these instructions to return two specific parts from your sleeper to Fisher-Price. Package the two hub assemblies to return to Fisher-Price. Your hub assemblies might have an auto rock motor attached, depending on the version of Rock 'n Play Sleeper you own." Removing the hub assembly will render the Rock 'n Play unusable. Information regarding how to submit your return can be found on Mattel's website located here.

Personally, I have used this product without incident across three kids. In fact I just got a new (to me) one two weeks ago and it is sitting at the foot of my bed. I am not certain if I will continue to use this product, but if I do, I will continue using it while following the manufacturers guidelines. The guidelines are established not just as a cover your behind by the manufacturer, but are established to mitigate any risk of injury or death. No one knows what causes SIDS and I know that it is one of my biggest fears as a parent, that my seemingly happy and healthy little nugget of love will just not wake up one morning. However unlikely this is to happen, this fear still wakes me up at night and prompts me to stare at my little princess to make sure she is okay.

Long and short of this is to make sure you pay attention to all manufacturers recommendations and check the CPSC website for all recalls. RIKC does not accept any recalled items for your safety and ours.

Sarah Kate

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