Tags - How to Write an Effective Description

The descriptions you put on your tags are incredibly important. If your tag become separated from your item, it is your description that will make all of the difference in reuniting them. We CANNOT sell your item if it doesn’t have a tag!

Here is what you need to know about tags:

Correct Size: Make sure you have the correct size on your tag. This is one of the criteria that helps us match your item with a missing tag.

The first thing on your tag should be the brand name. When we are looking up a tag this is the first thing we type to help narrow our search.

DESCRIPTION: Just putting “jeans” is not very helpful when we are sorting through 65,000 items. Skinny jeans, boot cut, blue, black, aplique...these are all great descriptions that will help us match your missing tag to your item. There are also common abbreviations to help with your description:

Item Condition

NWT – New with Tags

NIP – New in Package

l/s- long sleeves/s- short sleeve


ON – Old Navy

MJ – Matilda Jane

JOY – Just One Year by Carter’s or Just One You

RL – Ralph Lauren

GYM, GYMBO – Gymboree

OKBG, OSH – Osh Gosh B’Gosh

TCP – The Children’s Place

GAP- Gap and Baby Gap

J&J- Janie and Jack

MB- Mini Boden

UA- Under Armour

C&J- Cat and Jack

JB- Jumping Beans

GAR- Garanimals

When describing a color please use basic colors like; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown, and beige. Colors like burnt sienna, persimmon, harvest gold, aqua, magenta, burnt umber… these are not going to help when we search because we will never guess those colors. If we key in yellow to narrow down a search and you put “harvest gold” it won’t come up in the search so we won’t be able to find your item. If your item has a saying on it like “daddy’s little slugger”- add that to your description if you can. That will help us narrow the search as well.

Here we have an adorable two piece set that I purchased at a prior sale. It is a hooded zip-up terry sweatshirt and pants with a cute little bunny on the bum. The colors are pink and white. The description on the tag does accurately describe the item, but it is not written in a way that we would typically search for it.

A better tag description would be:

Carters 2pc white & pink

sweatsuit w bunny pants.

It may seem like semantics, tow-may-toe, toh-mah-toe, but we want to get your items sold. At the end of every sale I end up with a rather large stack of items that are simply tagless and never find their way to either a buyer or back to their owner. The missing tag rack seems to be where items go to die, metaphorically speaking. Help us help you.

-Much love and consigning dust,

Sarah Kate

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