Tags- What does it all mean?

Every sale we get at least a handful of consignors who ask me about tags and what the different elements of the tags mean. Those of us who are OGs sometimes forget how confusing this whole process can be to a new consignor because we have been doing this for so long. Personally, this is my 9th sale consigning and 17th sale shopping. We actually turn 10 during the Spring 2020 sale. How crazy is that?! But I digress. Since I have been doing this for what seems like forever, I don't really put that much thought into what is on a tag other than my description, and even then... yeah... I was a slacker last sale. Do not be me people! Pants is not an acceptable description! Again... I digress. Below you can see an example of one of our tags. I created this tag just for this explanation, so it is not a working tag for the sale.

First thing you see is the name of the sale: RI Kids Consignment Sale

On the left in bold, you see the consignor number, in this case 2092

Under that, we have the inventory item number. This is assigned automatically and cannot be changed.

Next there is a very large solid black dot. DO NOT HOLE PUNCH through this dot! The black dot indicates that this item has been marked as 'donate' by the consignor and is an essential tool during our sorting process. Please, please, please, do not punch a hole through this dot. If you have not marked an item as donate, there will not be a dot.

An inventory tag

Over to the right side of the tag now...

First thing we have is a 0. That 0 is where a size would be. In this case a Moby Wrap doesn't have a size, so I left the system default of 0.

Below the size will be the category that you selected for your item. The category must be as accurate as possible. If your tag gets separated from it's item, we use the category as part of our search. Read more about that here.

A bit further down on the right you see the word REDUCE. That indicates the consignor has elected to reduce the price of this item by 50% on Sunday, our half-price day. Not every consignor does this, but if you do, please note that it is best practice to highlight the word reduce. Highlighter color does not matter.

Under reduce, we see the price of the item, which in this case is $12.50. Note that the lowest you can go is $2.00 and increases are done in $.50 increments. If you are selling something new with original tags or maybe something you picked up second hand and there is a price tag on the item still, please note that Rhode Island law requires us to sell the item for the lowest tagged price.

The last thing on the right is a combination of two letters. These are generated by our inventory control system, and are essentially meaningless as we do not utilize them for sorting, but that is what they are for.

In the center of the tag you see the item description. You have two lines, 24 characters each, in order to describe your item. Please make sure that your description is as accurate as possible within the limits of the system.

The final thing on the tag is the barcode. Please do not tape over the bar code. Our scanners have a hard time scanning through the reflective surface of tape.

So there you have it! The anatomy of an RIKC inventory tag!

-Much love and consigning dust

Sarah Kate

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