Prohibited Items

There are some items that we just do not accept. Sorry. Some of these things are pretty common sense and others... well as they say there is a reason for product warnings. Please peruse the list and double check your items to ensure that you do not enter any of the following:

  • We do not accept:

    • Car Seats (unless new in box)

    • Mattresses 

    • Breast Pumps (unless new in box)

    • Crib bumpers 

    • Used crib bedding sets 

    • Maternity clothing

    • Open packages of diapers - unused sleeves from an open case are fine 

    • Used bottle nipples or any used silicone items related to bottles or sippy cups (used bottles/cups can be sold but silicone parts must be removed)

    • Food or formula

    • Recalled items - be sure to check the CPSC website for recalls 

    • Bath tub toys that squirt (unless new) 

    • Bath tubs made prior to October 2017 

    • Sophie the Giraffe (unless new)

    • Electronic items that must be plugged into a television including but not limited to Smart Cycles and Leap TV.

    • All Socks and Underwear must be new

    • We no longer accept adult bras. 

    • Used safety equipment (i.e. bike helemets, etc.) 

    • Rock and Play's and/or inclined sleeping items (co-sleepers, pillows, etc.)

    • Anything that is made particularly for the 18+ crowd; we are a family show folx.

    • Decor is no longer accepted

    • Bedding is no longer accepted

    • Crib sets are no longer accepted.