What is a REGULAR Consignor?

What is a regular consignor?


Consignor spots with RIKC are on a first come first serve basis each sale. Depending on which sale location you are looking to sell at will depend on our seller capacity. Regular consignor is the designation given to the first wave of consignors to register. They are able to select drop off their items sooner in the week

What are the benefits of being a regular consignor?


The obvious benefit to being a regular consignor is that your items get out on to the sales floor sooner and remain there for the duration of the sale. You also have a little more flexibility when choosing a drop off appointment slot. 

While everyone has the same opportunity to assist with the sale, regular consignors tend to work more hours. The more you assist, the higher your consignor earnings. No matter what your status, we love having as many helping hands as possible and encourage all our consignors to assist for at least one 4-hour shift.

Are there drawbacks to being a regular consignor as opposed to a restocker?

Yes, there are some.

Regular consignors have what is called a hanger limit for the smaller sizes. If you have a lot of clothing items in sizes 0-24 months, you will seriously want to consider registering as a restocker, otherwise your smaller sizes are limited to 30 items per size group. There is more information regarding this in both the forum and on the blog.

You have 'less' time to get your items together. All regular consignors select drop off appointments on Monday and Tuesday, and typically our database for entering items closes on the Saturday before sale week. Everyone has the same deadline for entering, restockers just have a few extra days to literally get their things together.


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