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What is a RESTOCKING Consignor?

What is a restocker and why should I be one?


Consignor spots with RIKC are on a first come first serve basis each sale.  The first 225 consignors are automatically slotted as regular consignors.  Anyone beyond that is a restocking consignor AKA a restocker.  Anyone registered as a regular consignor can choose to be a restocker.

What are the benefits of being a restocker?


If you have lots of small sizes (0-24 months) you will want to restock because restockers do not have the same hanger limits as regular consignors.  You can bring an unlimited amount of clothing in those sizes!


Infant gear and large items are in high demand and sell very quickly!  People love to come on Saturday to see the fresh merchandise and many come in to specifically shop infant gear and large items.

As of Spring 2018, we now host a New Parent presale that allows new parents to come in and shop all of the new restocked goodies before anyone else. Since this is an exclusive sale, it generates interest which translates into sales for you!


Are you last minute?  Do you always need more time?  If you are a last minute kind of person, restocking may help with the sale prep stress.  You will have all of your items entered but you will have about four more days to print, tag and hang, and who couldn't use four more days?

Are there drawbacks to being a restocker?

Short answer? No, not at all. Traditionally both regular consignors and restocking consignors have seen a very similar sell-thru rate. Your success depends on quality and pricing rather than the length of time an item is on the sales floor. Lots of shoppers come to our sale and shop two or three days in order to score deals and find just what they are looking for.


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