Are you shopping RI Kids Consignment for the first time and unsure what to expect? Here are some tips from veteran shoppers to help you!

  • We are an eco-friendly sale! Bring your own reusable bag to take your new treasures home.

    • Forget your bags? NBD, we will have some awesome ones for sale.​

  • Have a game plan! 

    • Large outdoor items are our biggest sellers; you will want to check out those items first.

    • Want a map to plan your shopping route? We got you. 

  • Use this Shopping List Sheet to help keep you organized.

  • We are all parents too... if you can leave the littles at home, it would be easier and probably more enjoyable for you, but as long as your kiddos are well behaved, they can come and shop too!

    • Just please remember everything on the floor is for sale; you (or your kiddo) break it, you buy it. 

  • Make it a girls day!  Take your friends with you! It so much more fun with friends!

Check out our FAQ's page for more information and frequently asked quesrtiond!


Rhode Island, USA

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