Have too much stuff

and not enough time?

We have a solution to that problem: Tag! You're It! 

What is Tag! You're It? : It is a service offered to our clients wherein we take all that stuff that you can't wait to get rid of and we get it prepped, entered, hung and tagged for you! You just breathe a sigh of relief as you waltz out the door knowing that one of our tagging fairies will do all the hard work for you.

Who is eligible? : Anyone! 

What is the cost of the service? : Tagging clients pay to register themselves for the first sale that they participate in ($15) and then pay a fee for materials. Right now, the fee for 100+ items is $15, and that covers the cost of hangers, cardstock, pins, zip ties, plastic bags, etc. 

How much do I make? : Tagging clients receive 45% of their sales.

How many sales does this cover? : Right now it covers you for one year, which is typically 2 in person sales and 4-6 online events, but of course that is subject to change. (Pandemic and all.)

What happens at the end of the contract? : You can either reclaim your stuff or we can donate it for you at the end of the last in person sale.

This all sounds AH-MAYZING!! How do I get in on it? : contact us here 


Rhode Island, USA

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