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RIKC Traditional in-person pop-up  Information

For Sellers

Our traditional in-person pop-ups are likely what comes to mind when you think of RIKC. Our pop-ups are held at a large venue where we transform the space from empty to a full retail set-up in a matter of hours, stock our fixtures with the items you are looking to sell, open to the public for five days and then break it all down again in another few hours. It's a crazy, chaotic week, but consignors and shoppers alike look forward to our seasonal events. Consigning with us is easy! Our database management system is all online and is incredibly mobile user friendly. A basic breakdown of the steps is:

  • Register

  • Prep and Enter Items in to MyCM database​

  • Hang, package and tag all items for sale

  • Register for a drop-off appointment.

  • Check in to your drop-off appointment where we inspect your items and once approved, you place your items on our sales floor

  • Sit back and wait while we bring in the shoppers who are exactly your target market to purchase your amazing items.

  • At the conclusion of the sale, you return to pick up your unsold items (if you have not elected to donate them) at your registered pick-up appointment time.

  • In 14 days you receive payment for your sold items! 

    • The compensation for consignors is 55%​

That's it. It is super simple. While there is more involved in preparing your items for sale, and more back and forth to the venue than our online event, shoppers are more familiar with our in-person pop-ups and many of them look forward to our sales twice a year. We even have repeat shoppers come in from all over New England and New York! We love running our in-person pop-ups and take pride in being the largest event in the state, but with that being said, 2020 has been something else entirely, so we are happy to have the ability to host our pop-ups online. Inventory is transferrable between not only our in-person and online events, but also between other sales in our area!

If you are interested in selling items online with us year round, reach out to us via email, or text/call our office at 401.250.5439!

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