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The Virtual Pop-Up is Over...

Now What?

Hopefully you sold lots of your items! Now that they have been sold, it is time to pack your items up and send them off to their new homes for their second lives!

At the conclusion of the sale, your inventory will be updated in MyCM to reflect which items have been sold. Make sure that all of your sold items have tags attached securely to them so we can match your items to their new owners.

You will notice that some items have been purchased by the same buyer, bundle those together to make it easier at drop off. 

From the menu bar above, schedule a drop off appointment on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. On the day and time of your drop off, please bring your sold items to our office located at 172 Exchange Street, Pawtucket, RI in the Armory building. We are on the basement level, unit 001. Park on the left side of the building next to the high school. The ground floor is accessible from this side entrance. Come on in, take a right and head down to the end of the hall; we are the last office on the right.

We will inspect your items and make sure they are ready for pick up on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The buyer will be able to inspect their purchases prior to taking them home. If there are any issues, we will contact you to let you know.

As always, any questions or concerns can be directed to our email, or you can call or text 401.250.5439.

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